Retain more of your users with AI.

Gain insight into the one growth issue that really matters - who's about to press cancel.

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Uses Artificial Intelligence to help you keep more users, helping you grow your bottom line.



Helps you make informed customer success decisions, in just 4 clicks.


Growth Boosting

Tells you at a glance who is going to leave your business in the next few months, so you can step in and save them.

What is Thryve?

Built for SaaS companies, Thryve uses a custom AI model to analyse user data to determine whether a user is at risk of churning and then notifies you, so you can step in and retain them.

No more random mailshots, no more random cancellations and no expensive data teams.


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Why AI?

Our Artificial Intelligence in Thyrve allows you to access insights that are specific to your user’s behaviour on your product. Not on someone else’s.

When a standard customer success platform ingests your data, it will look at various data points and make decisions for you based on rules. An example of a rule would be “if a user hasn’t logged on in 7 days, mark them high risk”.

What these rules based systems don’t take into account is how your users actually use your product. Often, a lack of activity for a week or two has no material impact on the likelihood of a user cancelling their subscription. This means that users who aren’t at risk of leaving end up on the receiving end of your retention effort and the actual high risk users slip through the net. This isn’t good.

Our Artificial Intelligence doesn’t guess. It learns.


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